Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Nadean and Vondean Payne and their father were grandpa Powell's neighbors in the sunny lane community. I did work with Nadean at ocoma at Berryville . She never married nor did her brother,One of the last times I talked to Lois Morris on the phone she told me Nadean had been In the hospital. They brought her home, they being a neighbor and when they went to see her the next day they found her under her bed completely out of it. she had to go back to the hospital and then on to a nursing home. I wondered what was the reason Kenny Smothers was on the list of pall bearers. I saw the Smiths and decided there was a family connection of some kind.

Funeral service will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 6, at Holt Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Dean Smith officiating.

Burial will be at Alpena Cemetery with Larry Wheatley, Johnny Callen, Steve Smith, Gary Williams, Scott Widner and Kenny Smothers
I found a WHEATLEY LONA 25 married SMITH RACHEL 18 2/25/1928 so Wheatly and Smith are related and Kenny Smothers is related to the smiths thro his sister who married a Smith. When you never married or had children relatives are few and far between. She is like Lois Morris the last one and leaving land and money maybe these cousins don't want to be Left out like Lois's cousins when it comes to inheritance.

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