Friday, April 15, 2011

tomatoes and chickens

I have 8 tomato plants. I had to send Janet after the plants so I didn't have a choice in what kind I got, she bought better boys and big boys. I put 4 of each and have 4 more better boy plant if these die. I told Janet to get small plants not the big tall ones. She got them but said they are awful little, she wanted to buy the tall ones but I said no. I like the ones that are small they receive less tran plant shock and grow better.
I went too feed and counted my banties. I have 10 and 3 roosters. They eggs should be fertile. I have a setting hen this morning. The barred hen is clucking. One of the chickens Sammy bought is going to be a full sized hen. she was still making the peeping sound when he brought her home and I would guess she is about 3 months old now and looks Hugh beside the bantams. That makes 14 chickens in the pen and they look like a lot less in the pen than the big hens did.
Sammy is going to the sale tomorrow and has the chicken buying bug so no telling what he will bring home.

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Donna said...

And here I thought I was going to miss your chickens. I hope to set out at least a couple of my tomato plants this weekend.