Monday, May 02, 2011

Ben Laden is dead

Osama Bin Laden IS DEAD THE GOVERNMENT SAYS. I LIKE CONSPIRACIES SO i WILL START THE BALL ROLLING. Bin Laden died during the Bush years and they were holding back the news until just before the election for a October surprise and then Bill Clinton found out their secret and they were afraid to pull the big surprise, now how did Bill learn about secret? Monica Lewinsky told him she had heard this while visiting Dick Chaney at the white house.

The Democrats wanted to release the information now so they could have a preempt strike against The Donald.
Now you have heard it from me even before The Donald thought about it telling it and besides maybe it would take every one's mind off the fact that we killed Gaddafi's son and 3 of his grandchildren while failing to kill Gaddafi which was the target.

Does anyone remember when our government would attempt to kill foreign leaders we didn't like in secret? now, we drop bombs on their homes and say let the devil take the hind most.

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Donna said...

I don't know about Donald, but I've already seen someone on Facebook saying they think it's all a big lie because they didn't see a picture of the body. You just can't make some people happy.