Monday, May 09, 2011

copper kettle

This is the copper pot that mother used at carrollton to do her washing. I didn't remember it ever being on the Douglas place but I guess it was because I am sure that is the one. I suppose we must have throw it down there some time or other. I remember mama heating water in it in 1943. That is an old copper kettle. Her wash board fit in the end and she would scrub clothes in it.
Helen went down in the back of the cave and got it. It's a good thing she didn't fall snd hurt herself because no one living there has the stomach to crawl back in there and get her. She would have had to wait for the helicopter to drag her out.


Sister--Three said...

Is it copper or rusty? What a memory. would not want to wash for my family that way!

Balisha said...

My Mom used to put our old copper kettle, filled with tin cans, out for the junk man. He would dump the cans and leave the kettle on the curb.Now they are worth a lot of money. Balisha