Friday, May 06, 2011

a day's work for the bantams

Today: Areas of dense fog before 9am. Otherwise, sunny, with a high near 72. Southwest wind between 5 and 10 mph
I went to feed and everything was soaked again. The rain fell mainly all evening and by the looks of everything it fell all night too.
The bantams out did themselves yesterday. two bantam egg equals one medium hen egg. The bantam eat so little that we have a problem with over feeding and wasting feed. They certainly pay for their keep.Sammy wants to throw enough feed out to last a week so when he goes out to feed there is more corn on the ground that they can eat before it ruins but the wild birds like for Sammy to feed. They have a feast that day. I don't feed from a feeder. The birds eat all the leavings from feeding the hens.
Winnie thinks the FBI is correct telling me not to look at Osama photo so I guess I will stop looking.
The guineas have stopped dust bathing in my garden and have started wallowing in the bare places where the neighbor has pulled up grass in his yard. He is like my sister Betty, he wants a clean fence row and I mean clean no weeds , grass or anything except dirt.
Sammy is going to the sale again Saturday , more chickens coming I am sure. He has give up on raising chicks under a hen, he thinks they all should set right away because so many people at the sale are hatching chicks and bringing to the sale but I am sure they have incubators to hatch their chicks. His hen that is setting will hatch in 3 days if not before. I have seen bantams hatch out in 19 days instead of the regulate 21 days. When I kept bantams I have seen them set and hatch in January. I set a hen that hatched once in late December and she had a hard time raising the chicks . I promised I would not do that again.

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