Friday, May 27, 2011

DNA and Joplin morgue

I have been thinking, a hard thing for me to do,any way I was studying as to why the people in Joplin were not allowed access to the morgue, I saw a report where CNN tried to drive down this road no building in sight and you could see down the road for at least a 1/4 mile, these three men stopped the CNN van and ask what are you doing? CNN said they were going down this road the guys knew the morgue was on the road. The 3 men who said they were cops maybe were maybe not they were in jeans and shirts and didn't show badges. The cops told them turn that camera OFF! now nothing in sight except 3 men and trees, OK? maybe they didn't want their faces on the TV!
The Governor said they were doing DNA on the bodies so the way I figure the DNA would be available if you had lost a love one but some one, a relative would have to do a DNA to match so maybe the closed morgue is a money thing, how much money would be made if everyone had to do a DNA to find their love one? also would there be a charge for comparing the DNA? Money is the root of all evil, I saw reports where looters were in Joplin so maybe the morgue is a DNA scheme to make money.
After all who wouldn't pay for a DNA test to find your love one and know what had happen to them?
If this is what is a foot perhaps the fact will come out and some legal action will take place. I can not think of anything worse that people who try to make a buck on people who have suffered this tragedy.
I know this sounds like a impossible thing but I have lived long enough to suspect people in high places and especially people in government so maybe DNA is a money making deal for someone.

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drlobojo said...

Lady, how do you identify 30 feet of intestines found hanging in a tree?