Tuesday, May 03, 2011

set hen

Sammy has another hen setting if she stays on the nest she will hatch the 24th of May.
Rained again last night. We are wading water this morning. My garden has a lot of grass but I can't do any thing about it.

Today I am 73 years old.


Sister--Three said...

None of us forgot Deb's Day. I think you can cut some lettuce! Fry the bacon and cut up green onion in it. Pour that hot grease over all of it...yum, yum and on your birthday.

Siggie says this weekend--Gigi do you know your birthday is the day you were born. That is how everyone can figure out what their birthday is. She is very enlightened.

Linda@VS said...

Happy birthday, Patsy! I'm wishing you sunshine.

Winnie said...

I am so happy we are related...I love you Cuz...Happy Birthday!!!!

Betty said...

Happy Birthday, Patsy. Keep on bloggin'

Donna said...

I hope your birthday has been a good one. Maybe it will stop raining for you.