Monday, June 13, 2011


state flower.. camellia
state bird yellowhammer wood pecker
Alabama has been known as the “Yellowhammer State” since the Civil War. The yellowhammer nickname was applied to the Confederate soldiers from Alabama when a company of young cavalry soldiers from Huntsville, under the command of Rev. D.C. Kelly, arrived at Hopkinsville, KY, where Gen. Forrest's troops were stationed. The officers and men of the Huntsville company wore fine, new uniforms, whereas the soldiers who had long been on the battlefields were dressed in faded, worn uniforms. On the sleeves, collars and coattails of the new calvary troop were bits of brilliant yellow cloth. As the company rode past Company A , Will Arnett cried out in greeting "Yellowhammer, Yellowhammer, flicker, flicker!" The greeting brought a roar of laughter from the men and from that moment the Huntsville soldiers were spoken of as the "yellowhammer company." The term quickly spread throughout the Confederate Army and all Alabama troops were referred to unofficially as the "Yellowhammers."


Judy said...

Great info. Patsy. I did not know this. I got an alert by e-mail on your post about me being on Gooseberry Patch. I have an alert set up so I will be notified when someone posts something about my blog. They just always run about 3 days late. I thought "aha" that's Patsy! lol. I had to come see! Hope you are having a good summer. I just finished mowing my yard with a push mower and it is about an acre. I am plum tuckered out. It is beautiful here today though. In the 70s and a welcome change after 90s for 2 weeks. We still don't have any rain and are very dry. Have a good week. Love ya.

Sister--Three said...

I don't have any of these woodpeckers...just a red headed one.