Thursday, June 23, 2011

blood money

I read this morning on the net that OJ has confessed from prison to Oprah that he killed his wife in self defence and That Goldman attacked him after arriving on the scene of the murder so he killed Goldman in self defence too. I don't know if he really confessed to Oprah or if this is just another story but if he did confess to the drama Queen of day time television he did for money, the confession I mean . I always said if he did kill his wife it was because of money.
You may ask why am I talking about this murder trial that we watched in our homes in 1995? The answer is blowin' in the wind from Orlando Florida every day on our computers and TV screens.
The Casey Anthony murder trial is on every day when I switch on the news morning noon and evening.
The image of the pretty young mother and child are ever where you look. The trial is televised just as OJ's was and I have been wondering where did Casey get the money to pay the lawyers and all the medical experts for the defence?
Yesterday I got the answer, she sold all the videos and photos she had of the the little murdered baby to NBC and that is the money she is using to defend her self against this charge.
Perhaps OJ did confess to the 1995 killings and Casey did sell her baby's pictures to the NBC but the money received is blood money paid by a media that feeds on the blood of innocents.

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