Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We have 4 small dogs, 2 are out side all the time and 2 are out side inside as they see fit to be.
This is foxy, she is 5 years old and a neurotic dog. She will not go out unless forced to do so usually I pick up her dog carrier and deposit her carrier and all on the porch. I have to stay out with her until she finishes her routine or she will have a complete melt down.
It is my opinion that the family who had her when she was a puppy must have really mistreated her what they did to her I don't venture a guess but it must have been a terrible crime to have stayed with her for 5 years.
When Foxy comes into the house she eats, drinks and then retires to her bed in the carrier some people who visit my daughter have been known to ask questions as to why is that dog always locked up in the coup? trying to find fault with our treatment of this dog. These people are members of the family who owned and abused this dog before we gave her a home.
I knew that they were making snide remarks about our dog care and last week I had had enough, the oldest son 14 or so ask the same question that we have heard before. why is that dog locked in the coup? Foxy prefers being in the coup I believe because she feels safe there.
I wasn't feeling well when he ask the question and I knew he was voicing some of the remarks his family had criticize us for behind our backs.
there sat his mother with this smog look on her face and I finally answered they question. I said foxy is there because she likes to be there and if you or your mother think you can do better with the dog you are welcome to her as a gift and I will throw in the coup free of charge as well.
They stammered no they didn't wish to take her and they soon left our house and have not came back which is fine because usually when they arrive at my door it is because they are looking for a free hand out of some sort.
Truth be told I wish we didn't have dogs at all because much of the care falls on my shoulder but we do and I do the best I can for mans best Friend but don't come around finding fault with my work or you may find your self out the door and down the road.


Donna said...

Oh my, Patsy, I do the same thing as you: I put up with something until I can't take it any more, then I mouth off, especially at those times when I don't quite feel "up to par".
I hate to think about how many people I've told off in the past six weeks. Of course, it doesn't help that we have an alcoholic, thieving freeloader living in our old house with Cliff's sister. Now his 3 kids he never supports are there for a month, too.

Sister--Three said...

I like my dogs outside. I had an inside dog for a long time. She died this June at age of almost 14. The last 4 years she was an outside dog. I have decided outside is the best place for dogs. Really they are happier outside, too.