Friday, June 24, 2011

in the news

Casey Anthony trial is on the TV every day. This woman in Florida is accused of killing her 2 year old child.
The defence argues... the child drown in the pool and the LOVING grandfather fished her out like trash, put duck tape over her mouth.. stuffed her in a trash bag and tossed her beside the highway just far enough from the home that the family wouldn't smell the stink! Sure we believe this one! Oh, yes tot mom had a party for a month before her mother called 911 because tot mom's daddy sexual molester her . do they think we are all crazy? you kill your child cause daddy was a bad fellow? Which he denies by the way.
Oh yes they refer to the mother as TOT mom, the little girl is called a tot often in the trial so Casey is tot mom.. I tell you the tot is a skeleton lets call the mom ... bone mom.
The republican runners for president is growing larger by the day... 2 MORMONS, the repbs think that will satisfy the religious right, one Texas cow boy, Perry maybe, unless Texas doesn't opt out of the union. one woman and one black man.The guy from Georgia that has been married 3 times... Newt Gingrich.
On the other hand the last repb candidate has declared Arizona's wild fires are being started by illegal aliens crossing the border. John McCain is the fellow that said that little jewel. The aliens are coming to burn our forest?? I thought they wanted a job.
New York has voted for same sex marriage this is the 6Th state to do so.
Actor Peter Falk, known to millions as the rumpled star of television crime drama "Columbo," has died, reports. The actor was 83.

He reportedly was suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

That is all the news I can stand for today.

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Donna said...

It's sad, isn't it? Of course, every mother goes out partying for a month after her child disappears. I'm giving up on the idiotic Republican party. What is it with the religious zealots? I don't mind a president who is a Christian, but I don't want them to run on a single issue like abortion. Please give me somebody I can vote for in good conscience. Oh well, we're going to hell in a handbasket anyhow. Maybe I won't bother to vote at all this time.