Thursday, June 02, 2011

June is here

Sammy has several pullets in this pen all are from the sale at Huntsville Arkansas.
I took all the chicks he had in the house and put them under this part silkie hen, she is really a good mom. I have added chicks to her brood and she calls them under her right away. 10 chicks and I hope 2 more will hatch soon so she will have a even dozen.
two new chicks hatches yesterday and the are under the silkie mom.

Donna from" me" wanted to know why I hadn't mention Trump and Palin getting it on, truth be told he is a big loud mouth and she is plan silly. Her bus tour is a joke and all the repubs are wishing she would shut up and go back to the frozen north. John McCain said last week he thought she could defeat Obama. What a fool he is. She plays to the religious right and the radical element in her party and I am waiting for Hugh Hefner to get some dirt on her sex life and tell it.
It is warming up here and now I am wanting cool air . It is a human condition to never be satisfied and I am the worst of the lot.


Donna said...

John McCain knows Sarah doesn't have a chance, he's just lying to keep the Republican party happy. So far they have not shown me one candidate I want to vote for. Looks like I'll be voting for Obama next election. I've always liked Ron Paul, but he's never stood a chance of getting the nomination. Oh well.

Margie's Musings said...

Anyone with a brain knows she could not win. Why would we want a female Bush in office. He got us into enough of a mess. Lord only knows what she would do.