Friday, June 24, 2011

rain and chicks

Twelve bantam eggs in a gallon sized bucket. They are small but they are good for food.
I like to look at these chickens. They are about 3 months old I think. Sammy bought them at the Huntsville sale.
Rainy cool weather this morn. 66 degrees and suppose to not get above 88 degrees for a high.
July is just around the bend, summer will soon be past and cold weather will be on us again.
My tomatoes are getting the blight of some sort. I hope fleta's make tomatoes and escape the blight. Betty has a drought. Larry should fine a way to pipe water from the pond to irrigate her garden.


The 4th Sister said...

Ah something to enjoy

Sister--Three said...

Well, he is going to put a pump in the old well and use it. Too late this year. When he fixes something, he wants it all just the way he wants it and it always turns out great. He has it all drawn up in his head and says next year...we will have a 'truck patch'. He wants a little farmall tractor with cultivators. he does not really like the tillers. Larry is of the old generation.

It is so hot...I have decided that working is not all that bad. Don't think I will make it til I am 68 like you did but will probably stay more than one more year. I know the school district would like for me to 'retire' as they could hire 2 new young chicks for what they have to pay me...but I am just going to keep on keeping on. I will tie a know in the end of my rope and hang on.

I love you. We all know at oj is guilty and one day he will pay for his sins.