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Roman in the last days

Sex and our rulers
John Edwards
Anthone weiner
David Vitter & Larry Craig & Newt Gingrich
Bill Clinton
John Eric Ensign
Mark Foley
During the last days of the roman empire....Does the behavior of our leader forecast our decline as did the leaders in the Roman empire .

There seems to be barely a Roman emperor whose reign is not coloured in some way by his sexual appetites – which are often prodigious in the extreme. Commodus, for example, emperor from AD 180 to 192, is said to have a harem of 300 girls and the same number of boys and to put on great orgies. But for sheer shock value, none can compare with the Syrian, Elagabalus, emperor from 218 to 222, who believes himself to be a living god.
Nero: seduced by his mother
Nero's reported sexual activities range from being seduced by his mother Agrippina to forcing his unwanted attentions on
Augustus: public virtue, private vice?
The emperor Augustus, who ruled from 27 BC to AD 14, may have lamented the decline in standards in Roman family life and been keen to legislate on public morals, but his private life was a rather different matter. Although married from his mid-20s until his death to Livia Drusilla, whom Suetonius says he 'loved and esteemed ... to the end without a rival', he also had a string of lovers. He is even said have moved from Rome to Gaul in 16 BC because he wanted to live openly with his lover Terentia.
Tiberius: young boys and babies
Tiberius, who spends most of the later years of his reign as emperor – from AD 26 to 37 – on the island of Capri, is said to have a special penchant for his spintriae (groups of young boys), with whom he surrounds himself and indulges in all manner of promiscuous behaviour

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