Thursday, June 30, 2011


I see lots of roosters. I remember when I was a girl and we were hungry we would have been in that pen ringing the necks of the rooster to eat.I can see in my minds eye setting at a table with those roosters fried or stewed with dumplings.
We would have an old hen that hatched a few chicks and we watched them until we could imagine them fried then off with their heads. Clayton usual set a hen if one went broody and I remember once the hen was roosting on the back porch on something and Clayton was out there at dusk putting her chicks on the roost with the hen.


Donna said...

When I was growing up, chickens were among my favorite playthings. I'd go onto Mother's chicken pen and catch one and pet it and talk to it until it stopped squawking and started singing. I was always barefoot, so I got a lot of chicken-stuff between my toes, but I didn't care.

Winnie said...

I can't seem to be able to post on my matter what. I will continue to try....I love all of you