Thursday, July 14, 2011

all smokers be ware

The repubs and Obama are still arguing about the debt ceiling and the report is they are no where near a solution. It was reported Obama said he wasn't going to budge even if it brought his Presidency down. It is about time he pushed back at those bullies .

we are enjoying a cool morning after the rain yesterday.

Helen will be going to Vegas to see her Kansas friend, All dope smokers beware she is coming. Put the pipe away until she takes her leave.

I had a long sleep yesterday. I have been having trouble getting enough rest.


Donna said...

I wake up every hour or two all night long every night. I hate it, but don't know any way around it except to take an over-the-counter sleeping pill a couple of times a week, just so I can sleep better once in awhile.

Sister--Three said...

I guess the rain brought you a rest. It rained here again in the night. Good night, indeed.

Winnie said...

I hope I can comment on your blog...Fleta's won't let me. Mike and I love "The Closer" too!