Saturday, July 23, 2011

hot weather and Government spending

Sammy took his birds out and put them in the calf pen but he was like an old mother hen and keep going out to check on them . he said they were too hot and finally brought them back in the house in their brooder.
He said when it cools off he will take them out side. I said that might be September and by then they will be about ready to lay eggs. LOL
Talks on the dept ceiling in our government has broke down again. I think what they are doing is trying to convince everyone they are really trying so when they reach an agreement we will all be so relieve we will not notice that they are all a bunch of no count bums.
With all the talk of saving on medicare and social security I have not heard one word of trying to save money by stopping the wars we are financing around the world.
In case you have not heard we are having very hot weather here.


Donna said...

I'm in total agreement about stopping the wars. Probably won't happen, but that is where our big money is going; any fool can see it.

Balisha said...

Hear hear...truer words were never spoken..Just common sense.

Sister--Three said...

I think O' could have starred in the movie--sleeping with the enemy. He seems to have nothing sacred that he will not give on! It is all sickening.