Tuesday, July 19, 2011

new chicks

Sam has 16 new chicks in the brooder.
The night is about to fall. I await dark every night so I can turn down the air to 75 it sets on 80 from 1 O'clock till night fall. I am praying the air conditioner will hold out till cool weather. We have had to have it worked on ever year until this year and I am holding my breath hoping it will last till September when we will start to get cooler nights about the 10Th of September.
Fleta has said that Bobbie Rhody is in a bad way. I worked with her for several years at Tyson foods. She has worked hard all her life and deserves a rest from her labors. many of the people who I worked with over the years have passed and I hope I will soon.


Donna said...

Aww, Patsy, this makes me sad. You have brightened up many a day for me, and I don't want you to pass just yet. Your work here isn't done.

Donna said...

Patsy, regarding your comment (out the tent flap): It was already daylight and there were people within view of us.