Sunday, July 17, 2011

night mares

I awoke this morning and had to get up like I do most days and I am so desperate for sleep I went back to bed and low and behold I drifted of to sleep and then I had a dream or a night mare if you please.
I dreamed my son and I went to Florida and went to visit the Casey Anthony family. They made us welcome and we were having a great time then Sam goes to the supper market and has a fender bender that renders our car non usable.
At that time mom Anthony demands that we hit the road to Arkansas. Now George Anthony was really nice but mom wants us gone.
I tell her that Sam will fix the car and then we will leave and in the mean time I need to wash some cloths. OK she says and when I plug in the washing machine the plug falls off. I was trying to get the prongs out of the electric socket with a plastic handle tool when I woke and for once I was glad to be awake!
The night mare happen because while awake between naps I read on the MSNBC news that Casey Anthony was released from jail.

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