Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sammy's pullets

Sammy has some nice looking pullets and I fear we are going to have trouble one of these days. Sammy has a tendency of getting the selling bug on and one day he will decide to sell his nice pullets and the fat will hit the fire cause I like the looks of them and I am not going to let him sell out.

I went to the doctor yesterday and we had a good meeting of the minds. I convinced him I am not going to be cured and what I want from him is for him to try to make my life a little more comfortable.

He said I had a funges around my wound and that was why I had all the blisters. he prescribed some onintment and gave me an antibotice along with a pain pill so I can sleep at night. so if this doctor doesn't leave town or die maybe I have some help in town.Of course he might die he is my age.

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Sister--Three said...

I am getting about 6 eggs a day. I got down to getting only 2 or 3 but I guess they are going to speed up on the laying again.