Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sister's gift

rained last night but don't get overly excited it is still hot as a fire cracker this morning.
I saw on this web site I read some woman posted that cucumbers were 1.29 each in Pennsylvania and by that price Fleta brought me 25 dollars in cucumbers. A few weeks ago Sam bought a tomato that cost one dollar so she brought me 50 dollars in tomatoes at that price.

I cooked a full pan of tomatoes and will freeze them. I really didn't want to do that but she went out in the heat an picked them for me so I reasoned I could at least work up what we wouldn't eat before they ruined.
Fleta has grown some garden vegetables this year and most of us have not raised any thing much.

These photos are some of Sam's chickens and the guineas that hatched 3 Weeks ago. I never saw any thing grow like the guineas have. Another hen is setting so I guess we will have more keets soon if SAM can catch them before the cat does.

I posted the copper head snake for Sam. He came in yesterday and said he killed a copper head snake out by the feed containers for the chickens. I thought it probably was a ground snake and it was. Sam and the neighbor call all snakes copper heads.


Sister--Three said...

We have Copperhead snakes around here. I don't really like any snakes but I try to let the KIng snakes live.

2 tomatoes in the store cost me over a 1.00 last week. My garden has produces nothing...but Larry has bought a deep well pump off of Craig's list and next year he says we will have water for the garden. He loves the garden and is looking for a sm. farmall with tillers. He plans to use it for plowing it.

Judy said...

I don't like any snake and that one would make me run into something and hurt myself if I saw it. The humidity here was 94% this morning and no rain for days. Hopefully, we have a chance today. My yard is awful but I can't stand to mow it. The grass stays wet till noon and then it is too hot to mow. I have tomatoes coming on but none ripe yet. I made two quarts of pickles off my two cucumber vines this week. Hope you are doing well. The humidity is really hard on my arthritis. Makes me ache all over. Hope you have a good week. Love and hugs, Judy