Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Welsummer chicken

Sam bought this hen as a chick this spring at the Huntsville sale . She was supposed to be a bantam but as she grew it was apparent that she wasn't a bantam. I had thought she might be Brown leghorn mix.
This week she started laying and her egg color is near the welsummer egg color . She is a happy surprise.
The real nice thing about her is she was free. When he picked up the 3 bantams he bought that day there was this small chick running lose and no one had any ideal where she belonged so SAM received her for no charge.
Sammy has two bantams that lay blue eggs and now he has one hen that lays the dark red eggs. These are 3 chickens he will not be allowed to sell or trade.

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Sister--Three said...

She has a nice sleek look to her.