Sunday, July 10, 2011

Winnie Edwell

Bettys thinking Winnie is a cousin .. this is what I found in the book on Google ,, Free african americans of color of North carolinia, virginia and the south... by Paul Heinegg..
Winnie Edwell...
Elizabeth Edwell was 5 year old daughter of Winnie Edwell who was bound to John william of Caswell Co. N.C. Winnie was probably the mualoto counted in the 1786 in 1780 other children were bound out by Winnie Edwell were sarah, Johnthon, Robert Judith and Joespah Edwell. also found in the Melungeon of N.C. S.C. LA. and Texas..
His widow, formerly Elizabeth Edwell, born about 1780, was living in
Caswell County on 10 November 1854 when she appeared before the Hustings
Court in Virginia to obtain a survivor's pension. She stated that they
were married in December 1799 in Caswell County, and her husband died
there in his own house on 19 July 1847 [M805-807, frame 582]. Elizabeth
Edwell was the five-year-old daughter of Winnie Edwell (not identified by
race) who was bound to John Williams of Caswell County on 20 December
1780. Winnie Edwell was probably the "free Winnie" who was counted as a
"Mulatto" in the 1786 State Census for the Caswell District of Caswell
County adjacent to "Mulattoes" Arthur Toney, William Hood, and John Wright
. Arthur was a Caswell County taxpayer in 1790 [NC:79], an insolvent
taxpayer in 1802 [Court Minutes E:38], and head of a Caswell County
household of 10 "free colored" in 1820 [NC:90].

Family tree maker I found ...In December Court 1780, the children of Winny Edwell were apprenticed to John Powel. Their names were. Sarah, Jon athan, Judith, Elizabeth, Joseph, ...

so who was the dark beauty Winnie Edwell in our past? cousin? wife?

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