Sunday, August 21, 2011

The A bomb and the Japs

President Truman made the decision to drop the A bomb on the 2 Islands in The pacific and some people argue now that he should never have dropped that first bomb never mind the second.

They dropped the first bomb and then told the japan if they didn't surrender they would dropped the next bomb and the Japanese did not surrender they fought harder so Truman had another bomb dropped.

My father probably had a better take of the Japanese soldier than anyone of us and he said they were like us , they hurt and they bleed when they died they cried out for their mother. He said their word for mama was near enough to ours that you would recognize it.

My father didn't blame the Japanese soldiers for their deeds, he didn't blame the US soldiers. He said the men who fought and died were victims of the Japanese and the United States Governments. My father was very critical of our Government for the rest of his life.

Daddy came home after the bomb was dropped and I am gratefully. The japs were our enemies and the people alive with a memory of that time know that they were the enemy

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