Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Aunt Helen

Donna on just me mentioned they had visited the Truman Library and I ask her if she saw aunt Helen in the pictures of course she never noticed but She is there and I did a search and found 2 photos of her one and at Truman's funeral and this one with a group of people including President Truman.

I had told Donna that my aunt had a very liberal attitude about men and that my sister and I had wondered if she had had a sexual relation with Truman. let me say that my opinion of Truman is very high and so I don't think she was involved with the President but I am sure she tried him.

Over the years when aunt Helen came to visit she never spoke of her job and about the famous people she must have met. She took her job very seriously and never told us any bits of gossip of her life and I hasten to assure you we would all have liked to heard about the things she had seen but no, I guess she had been swore to secrecy and it was as if she never knew A thing.

In all the photos I have seen of her when she was with the president she was always standing near him. I am sure that was by design. Aunt Helen was a very intelligent woman and she lived a interesting life far removed from Denver Arkansas where she grew up.

It is a sad thing but Helen Gaddy Lucky took a gun and ended her life when she was old.


Donna said...

How interesting! She was a lovely lady.

Sister--Three said...

Well, I have not seen those two photos.