Tuesday, August 30, 2011

books and highs and lows

I have been reading the bookmaker daughter. It was about a girl who grew up in Hot Springs Arkansas. Good book. Bye the way I told you about reading the book entitled 1000 white women and how I enjoyed the first 9 pages. That was it, it was the silly book I ever read.
I watched the storm on CNN in the hopes New York City would get washed into the sea.
This is the mayor of New York city talking about the people should do, he droned on and on. The fellow on his right in the blue shirt was really funny. He twitched,he raised his eye brows. he put his glasses on, then took them off.no one could watch the mayor because we were watching to see what the blue shirt fellow would do next. It was funny. The next day the mayor spoke again with these men around him but the guy in the blue shirt was GONE! I don't know what his job was but I am sure the Mayor fired him if he had the power to do so.
Sammy is my weather man . not a day goes by but he tell me how hot it is. Yesterday he came thro' the door and said tomorrow it will be 70 degrees . I ask how do you know? he said the weather man said so not 30 minutes before he told me it was at least 100 degrees out side and the weather man said it would have a high of 90. I checked and it was 83 degrees according to my computer.

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Anonymous said...

Laura said that 1000 women book was stupid. I have read the Bookmakers daughter and it is better.
You will like the book about the boy from Mt. Judea. But I have not gotten them sent yet.

Glad to see you post.