Wednesday, August 17, 2011

chickens and work

The weather is great cool, and sunshine. I have been out for a hour enjoying the fall weather.

These golden neck banty pullets are some SAM bought at the sale this spring. I think he has 9 of them.

Janet took off to buy the car yesterday but she will be back on the grind again today. They are talking about opening a 3 rd shift and the lady they left in the cage wants to go to 3rd shift . she thinks she will have less work. I told Janet if she did that means you can take your job back but she said she doesn't want it . I guess the job in the plant isn't as bad as I thought.


Anonymous said...

She probably got bored in the other job.

Supposed to be hot again today.

I have some of those bronze like Banties.

Judy said...

Nice car! We are having some wonderful weather here, too. I am enjoying every minute of it. Hope you are well. The chickens look good.