Saturday, August 06, 2011


When Fleta ask George How many years they had been married? he replied 2 she said how many? and he said again 2. Too many!
Google has a Lucille Ball skit on their search page today. She would be 100 years old today. She was a great comedian.
6:45 and 85 degrees here. unbelievable! SAM said this was suppose to be the last HOT day. another comic heard from.
I stole Helen's utube and George's humor so you know I am without any thing to post.
In the comic vein, when dealing with the repubs Obama placed social security and medicare on the table for cuts and the repubs who have long wanted to cut the throats of both programs were so determined to NOT go along with the President no matter the cost left both programs untouched and that is funny.

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Sister--Three said...

I like both of your stolen posts.

Laura and i walked at 6 30 by the finish it was 89 degrees. Now it is 92. Yesterday I felt like crying tired of the heat.

I watered by flowers and chickens and birds and fed the birds...poor animals.