Friday, August 19, 2011

growing watermelons

My son Tony is an excellent gardener, of course his job is where he lives and that is part of the reason he does such great gardens. Life is simper when you don't have to leave home to earn a pay check.

Tony brought me two watermelon he grew, he said they are awful small and I thought he did well to grow any watermelon even if they were small. Then he told the rest of the story. He said I had 12 really big water melons but they blew up! I said WHAT? he said they blew up, I thought someone must have got in his garden and busted them but surly not. He said he had made inquires around to people who grew melons and they said he had watered them to much.
Tony has plans for growing melons next spring. Really big watermelons if they don't explode.

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