Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fleta's problem

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Use this layout every time?
When I click the photo image over on the right hand side this is on my site . I haven't told you but your blog is weird anymore . I can't post as Patsy any more when I try I get a message that "bpoor@ you know where" doesn't have permission to view this site!! so I post as Anonymous on your blog.The "damn photo" says right at the bottom below the blue blob small, mediam, large and extra large size . I don't have an extra large on my posting site.

I suppose you were trying to stop me from viewing your blog and stealing your photos.


Fleta said...

I do not have any restrictions on who can post comments. Anyone can post comments including anom.

Fleta said...

Well, I searched the blogger help for comment problems and there were lots of problems with people that do not use the google browser and have the comments window embeded below the post. I changed to have a popup comment window. That might help. I use IE at work and it lets me comment, so I don't really know. Winnie Jo said my blog would not let her comment either. Maybe it is just really old people do not know how to do comments.

patsy said...

I think you are trying to freeze me and winnie out!

Sister--Three said...

Patsy, school has gone google so I made an acct. for school called school time. then I don't have to log in and out. At school I will be school time.