Friday, August 05, 2011

Looking back?????

Why am I posting these old campaign youtube ? I just want to remember what might have been instead of what is.
This president is the worst president we could ever have in office. He promised change and we got change...
the problem is the change is more of the same only worse.
Obama is a one term president the question is will we let him run for president again or will we run from him ? I am sick of the Washington crowd saying it's not his fault.
It is his fault! no longer can we blame Bush. Bush is history and the sooner Obama is history the better off we will be. He is a rich man being a rich man's president and the sooner we admit this the sooner we can see the last of him and his "get along, meet you half way attitude."
Some are beginning to look side ways at him perhaps in 3 months there will rise up someone who will call him out for the wish-washy he is and will always be.


Sister--Three said...

Wishy Washy is a very good description.

Sister--Three said...

I guess we do have some change sister but it all went in the wrong direction--
change in WAR we have more
change is energy--Gas is even more
change is soc. security--trying to do away with a lot of stuff for old folks.

I hope folks will not just change the president but the senate and house are ridiculous!

Winnie said...

you know who I worked for....I don't know that I will work again for any of them