Sunday, August 28, 2011

Virgina beach Hurricane

This is a photo in Virginia beach , Virginia. I am thinking about Nancy Ratzlaff, she is out there some where in the storm. I talked to Tony last night and he said she buried her son at Arlington the day before and he hoped she was coming home but being a mother I thought she would go to Virginia beach with her grandchildren. I know she didn't fly out cause all flights were grounded but If I had just buried my son I guess a hurricane would be of very little consequence. In fact it might seem an Appropriate reaction.
I went to bed early and so I am up 3 O'clock our time to see if that Babylon the Great also know as New York city might be washed out to sea. Not yet!

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Sister--Three said...

I hope Nancy makes it home okay. Patsy, was she an anderson?