Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Rick and Crystal Akins

I was talking to Fleta telling her about this guy who worked at Tyson Food and we couldn't remember his last name as is often the case after we hung up Fleta remembered his last name and his wife's first name.
So this is the story....
Rick worked on maintenance.. He was Hugh 400 pounds at least... rode a motor cycle, that fact doesn't mean anything except I threw that in while we were trying to remember his name, also his wife's name.
Rick sat in the break room for a year, J.D. Smith would find him a job that would make allowances for his notes from his doctor. The last straw was when he brought in a note saying he couldn't be on wet floors. All floors at Tyson are wet unless they are ICE. Rick sat in the break room for a year giving advise to anyone who happen along that had a problem with the company. Rick's advise always involved ways to stick it to the company especially supervisors. Rick was VERY INTELLIGENCE AND VERY DEVIOUS.
J.D. Smith put Rick on security. Smith was trying to find a job Rick couldn't get out of doing. BIG mistake... Rick was given a book of Rules to follow... Rick began to study book of rules and applied them to all supervisors. All the other people waltzed through the gate with no problems but not supervisors.
Everyone had to have their time card to enter the gate. May God help any supervisor who didn't No admittances for you... never mind Rick knew the supervisor very well. J.D. Smith would have to go to the gate before the supervisor could get in. No one could get by Rick He was bigger than the gate. that is no boss could get by Rick the rest of us just sailed on by with a big "how are you?" from Rick.
The powers that be would make a RULE about getting into the plant and Rick would enforce the rule. But everyone under stood that the rules were not for the big shots. Rick didn't see it that way. One rule said you couldn't pass the gate with a bag that you couldn't see what was in the bag. The bosses were pron to sending one supervisor to get all their supper at sonic. One night Rick struck! No bags will pass the security gate that can not be seen through. That night the Bosses went hungry. Rick took their food. which the rules said he could! I guess he ate their supper.
One day J.D. couldn't stand it any more so he move Rick some where and we never could find him, he was in never never land and all the fun was over. shortly have that Rick went on disability much to J.D.'s joy.
So that is the story of Rick and Crystal Akins and the strange post from Fleta.


Sister--Three said...

Well, thanks for letting Helen and I in on the story.

Clayton needs a security camera!

Too hot to trot or even get outside here. Awful.

The 4th Sister said...

And now we know the rest of the story...