Friday, August 12, 2011


Kelly came over and worked on our air conditioner and it works now plus Janet has a window unit working so we are ready for hot weather again. It is cool out side but I am not turning off the air and opening the door. I like canned air. Appears it is about to rain.

Kelly threw the breaker and every time our electric goes off my computer is hard to get up and running I was working on it and was upset afraid this might be the time that I wouldn't get going.

Sammy told Kelly "she doesn't have any patient."I said this computer is all I have. I can't go anywhere any more. I can't do all the things you take for granted so yes it upset me when the computer goes down and as a after thought he can't do any thing on the computer.


Donna said...

You bet, Patsy. This Internet is your window on the world. Tell everybody to let you know when they are going to turn off the electricity and then turn your computer off first. It is really hard for them when power failure of one kind or another shuts them down.

Sister--Three said...

Patsy, love you. I feel the same as you I need the computer. Mine was going to cost $300 to fix so I got another one. $650. I could have gotten one cheaper, but I picked this one.

Glad you are not hot. Thank God for Kelly. I could hug his neck for fixing the air for you.