Friday, August 26, 2011

Washington D C and the noble red man

Fleta brought me a book , the title is One thousand white women , the journal of May
Dodd by Jim Fergus.

I have already started laughing and only read the first few pages.
The year was 1874 and 44 war chiefs had been invited to Washington Dc to meet the great white father Ulises Grant president of the United States.
There we find 44 bloody thirsty Cheyenne war chiefs surrounded by Washington's leaders including Julia Grant first lady of the land, who had begged to be allowed to attend to see the noble red man.
Chief Little Wolf begins to speak thro' an interpreter after receiving a peace metal from Grant, a large silver disk which The chief would later wear into battle against the U S army in the Cheyenne's last desperate battle to remain free.
Wolf was 50 years old and a veteran of many battles. He said that the Cheyenne were few after many battles and the diseases like the pocks had destroyed their once proud people.
The chief had decided that the Cheyenne would join the white mans tripe and in that manner the Cheyenne would be able to survive as a people. Now wolf had a plan to accomplish this, he purposed that The assembly give the Cheyenne 1000 white women to be brood mares for the Cheyenne prodigy. These white women would carry the off springs of the red man and therefore the Cheyenne would flourish.
President Grant's wife fainted dead away, the white gentlemen rose up crying for the blood of the savages and as was the custom the red men made a circle with knives drawn ready to fight to their death.
After much hue and cry the red men were loaded on a cattle car the next morning and sent back to Montana post hast. the car was pelted with rotten fruit and vegetables as the Indians were leaving Washington, D C.
This has happen by page 9 no telling what awaits the reader next.

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