Friday, September 02, 2011

big fish

When I was able I like to go fishing. The idea of food for free was always a plus to me.
It has been a warm day but surly only a few of them left. September is always the golden month to me, everything changes from green to gold in a few cool days.
I usually think of cool weather this month.
My sister who is a teacher September means going back to work.
Helen has gone to Washington state not the district to see grandchildren. She started her divorce a year ago in this month.

September is like no other
It's days change color and weather
No other month can say quite the same
For every day, I can feel the change

It's cool breezes start out warm,
Changing to cold throughout every storm
The leaves change and fall
As the Summer leaves and Autumn kisses us all


Sister--Three said...

I do like September. Look forward to being home that month..planting fall things and sitting on the porch.

Helen has not looked back from the DIVORCE. She where she wants to be. Steering her own ship!

Winnie said...

Congratulations Great Gma!