Thursday, September 22, 2011

cook stove

When we lived at Carrollton mama cooked on a wood cook stove. They must have sold it when daddy went to the navy because mama cooked on a kerosene stove all the time we lived at Denver, Truth be told i don't remember her cooking at all during those years. she must have but I don't remember her cooking anything except gravy.
When we moved to the farm after the war she cooked on a kerosene stove like in this photo. the stove had pipes where the kerosene traveled to the wick sort of like as kerosene lamp. the pipes would suet up and mama would take a long piece of wire and put a piece of cloth in a hook one one end to clean the stove. One time she lost the rag in the pipe and daddy had to buy a new stove.
The stove was made of tin and not very good for cooking. the oven didn't bake well either.
In 1950 there about we got a Butane or LP gas stove and I think that stove was a great improvement over the old coal oil stove . We always called kerosene, coal oil. I wonder why? I will ask google why and see if there is a reason.
That butane stove came near killing me. Mama was on a cleaning spree and she took all the nobs off of the stove. Mama didn't know how to put them back on and she ask me to do the job. I did and when I went to light the pilot light on the oven it exploded and burned my face. That was the most painful burn I every remember having.

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Sister--Three said...

I blew up the oven in the first place larry and I lived and singed my hair. That is not how you spell singed is it...I mean burned...can't spell it.