Wednesday, September 28, 2011

dress up or dress down

Helen we have had this conversation before but I think the reason your photos didn't show up you were posting thro' picasa. If you would post them the regular way they will show up I think. The last time I talked to you you said it was too HARD to post thro' blogger so I guess it is a lost cause. I have found if posting thro' picasa some times the photos just don't post and if I go thro' blogger they will show up. What is with the side post about favorite post? I have not seen that before. Maybe that is why you can't post photos.

I am spending time out by the silkie pen trying to decided whether we have any females in the pen, there are still no crowing but I think I can see roosters.

Today is nurse day. The doctor's helper called yesterday and wanted me to take iron pills and vitamins c. I said OK.

Helen's grandson, the one and only Benjamin went shopping with his mother for a Halloween costume and they purchased a Ninja costume, Helen didn't know if I knew what a Ninja was! Of course I know, I know that ninjas are those japs that have all those special powers and throw little stars weapons that are so deadly.

Benjamin got his costume with all the bells and whistles, sword, and probably star weapons. Benjamin wanted to wear the costume as soon as he got home and his mother refused to let him dress up much to Benjamen's sorrow. The next morning when he got up he told his mother that she not only was mean to him but also to his grandmother because SHE would want to see him as a ninja as soon as she got in the door. Benjamin knows there is more than one way to skin a cat.

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