Sunday, September 11, 2011

in jail

OK, I am in Electronic jail. I rented so many books , I think that is what is wrong and sent back since fleta fixed me up with this reading library thing they have shut me down and says there is a error and to call my administer. You know things like this only happen to me on Sunday so I will have to wait until the library opens tomorrow and see if she can bail me out.

Fleta says she thinks I will remain in jail we will see tomorrow. Fleta thinks they are still on my computer but I am pretty sure they are not I did a search and it said the last one I downloaded and sent back was not on this machine so I think they are all back and their computer has shut me down because I had been downloading and sending back more than is normal. we shall see tomorrow.


Donna said...

Patsy, I almost pulled my hair out figuring out how to download the books and then get them to my Nook. I can't imagine what your problem is, since they won't allow you to check out more books than you are allowed.
However, I am having a laugh trying to picture you in jail, and I sort of pity the poor jailer. I think you will give him a run for his money.

Sister--Three said...

I think it is 'reader's block.' U have read too many books!

The 4th Sister said...

I think the problem is between the key board and the computer chair

The 4th Sister said...

did you getcaught with your pants down