Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kennedy years and I am a PAULITE

I watched the Jackie Kennedy tape show on TV last night where Caroline Kennedy was ask among other things did her mother every speak to her about JFK and his sex life and she refused to answer. Good FOR HER! As always when I read or see on TV about the Kennedy years. I cried. I spoke to Helen about wanting to see the record Jackie left to be open after her children were dead about the JFK assignation and Helen said, Oh she wont say anything bad about JFK because she was still preserving the image. I don't want to hear any thing bad about JFK. I want to know who Bobby and Jackie thought was behind the death of JFK. I really think LBJ was the "one." or Nixon.
You see I believe Someone or someones in government had JFK killed.maybe The CIA, Maybe Hoover in the FBI or as I said LBJ. Daddy said when a leader is killed look for the person who had the most to gain for the killer and that was LBJ.
For God sakes he was killed in Texas and that was LBJ country.
I enjoyed seeing Carolin Kennedy looking so relaxed and at peace with her memories.

I have always considered my self a liberal Democrat but over the years I find my self more conservative than I once was.
After listening to Ron Paul I have decided I am a "Paulite".

1. He says let the homosexuals marry. I agree, who cares not me, the insurance companies wants to stop them because if they marry the working spouse could carry the other on their insurance. I am for anything the insurance companies are not for.

He says less government is the best government. I agree.

3. he says legalise, drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine and other "bad" drugs. assuming there are "good" which with all the side effects many of the "good" have been "bad". I am for that also.

4. legalize Prostitution. me too. If you get rid of these offences, drugs and prostitution, there will be room in prison for the wealth crooks running around on wall street.

5. He says cut back on the CIA to a very small group with little power and less money, I agree. I also think the navy seal 6 is part of the CIA and should be cut way back. We ought not to go around the world promoting mayhem and death.

6. cut taxes. yes. if the government spends less they need less.

7.He says we should mind our own business around the world. less wars, less backing foreign leaders who after we give them weapons, and power they become our worst enemy, case in point Osama Bin ladin and Saddam Hussein. I agree.

8. right to own a gun. I agree.

9 . free speech. right to say what you want. words don't kill people, people kill people. I agree.

I don't know what else he thinks but I probably would agree.

so for now I have decided I am a PAULITE! I reserve the right to change my mind in the next 10 minutes.


Anonymous said...

I watched it too. Found it very interesting.

Donna said...

Although Ron Paul is running for the Republican nomination, he isn't really a Republican. He is a Libertarian. I'm seriously thinking of changing my voting status to Libertarian instead of Republican, because I have so much more in common with them.

Betty said...

Why Patsy! You haven't become more conservative, you've become a Libertarian! I agree with a lot of what Ron Paul says, even though I realize he's a raving lunatic. Can that be all bad? lol I didn't see the Kennedy interview, but I'm going to read the book. I don't think LBJ had anything to do with the assassination. He would have had it done in some other state. But, I wouldn't put it past someone in government. Never did buy the "lone gunman" theory.

Winnie said...

I wanted to pick up the phone and talk to my Mom so bad last night...she loved JFK! I so enjoyed the special, but like you I found myself crying.
She and I always believed that the "powers that be" killed JFK and we believed that the gold Ole' boy LBJ was in on it...he didn't have the skills to plan it