Saturday, September 24, 2011

mouse glue traps

Rats, mice and roaches are three of my most hated things along with flies and I am always looking for a way to eliminate these from my surrounds.
Three or four years ago I was looking for mouse traps in the store and I spotted glue traps. They were fairly cheap and I bought a pack and placed them around in my kitchen.
I am fairly hard hearted about such things but when I discovered this baby mouse struggling to get off the glue patch I was horrified. It was trying with all it's might but I could plainly see his efforts were useless and his death was going to be by starvation.
I removed the mouse and the trap to the yard and with one blow sent the mouse to death and I have never wanted a glue trap in my house again. I don't mind killing such things but I don't want to prolong their suffering for days.
On the other hand I have glue fly strips and I rejoice every time I see a fly land on the fly trap.

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