Friday, September 09, 2011

Night and day by Robert B. Parker

I am reading Night and day by Robert B. Parker. I have read some of his books and like them.
Jessie Stone is a small town cop and he has a peeping tom in town plus a 13 year old girl has confided that her parents are into a mate swapping club which isn't illegal but Jess is trying to see if he can be of help to the children. Some parent have complained that one of the children's teacher a woman has made her female students let her see their panties. Jessie is trying to find a motive for her actions and her husband a high powered lawyer has told him to back off or else . I can see fire works on the way. This is a good book if you want to read a good mystery. No one has died yet by chapter 19 but I smell blood in the water so no doubt some one is about to be found dead some where in Paradise.
The one thing I find bad about the library on my computer is I like to read in bed. I can't do that. I may have to buy a note book for bed time reading.

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Donna said...

You can buy a Nook reader for $139 I think, and it is just like reading a book but easier to hold. Do NOT buy a Kindle, because so far you can't get library books on them. They keep saying they are going to, but so far they have not. I feel like I am getting my money's worth from the Nook, since the library books I read on it cost me nothing.