Thursday, September 29, 2011


I just want to let everyone know I haven't died. I have a bunch of ebooks to read and I have been devouring a book a day. Robert B Parker has 2 books that I have got. He is a good mystery writer.
I read one by Monica Ferris and one by Robert Crais both writers are new to me but I enjoyed both. I do a lot of reading by authors. If I read one book by someone I will look for more by the same author.I go one the theory if one book is good another will be also.
I haven't even read the news. I must get caught up , the world might end and I would.t know about it.


Donna said...

Yes, you'd better check the news, because if you don't report regularly, the Republicans might take over the country!
I'm glad you are enjoying the ebooks. Isn't it wonderful that a person who can't get out and about very much can still enjoy library books at no cost? I'm happy for you.

Sister--Three said...

Nothing better than a good book to read. Absolutely nothing. Glad you are reading and not sick. Those are the two reasons you don't post...sick or reading.

The 4th Sister said...

Patsy Melissa said she checks her books on line to see if they are in...under my account somewhere it has book in process books ol hold... books in ETC>>>Maybe you can look there and see how your books are in the process...well I mean how far along...I will send emails but I think you will know before me if you check there on line