Thursday, September 01, 2011

sailor on the sea

I have been reading Fleta's book written by P. Lutus , you might think it is all about sailing but not so. This man lets his mind wonder where it will and it wonders in some strange places. Click the title of this post to see what you are missing. P. Lutus said.......

But for those who can't be dissuaded from the idea that smart people are better people, I have to ask "how much better?" Is one smart American kid better than 100 African kids, who might turn out to be just as smart if they lived? And to the smart American parents who make the choice to bear a child without thinking about any of these issues, I have to say "How smart can you be?"

The biggest flaw in the "smart people should have more kids" argument is that no one is going to be the one to say "I'm really dumb so I won't have any kids." The only solution is for everyone to have fewer children — the larger questions must be answered by nature, in her own time.

More than a quarter million new people arrive on earth, our space lifeboat, every day. Now get this: each of them is either going to die young or grow up and think about having children. Some will think how smart they are, while they sprinkle their lawn with perfectly good drinking water.

I just sat and watched the sea go by for a while, and another thought came to me: Remember the dinosaurs? There was a time when they dominated the earth. And compared to us, dinosaurs were really stupid — it got cold for a while and they were too dumb to invent mittens and wool socks (and sheep!), so they died out. If they hadn't, we might never have come into being.

Now consider: Why do we think we're the end of the line? We might be the dinosaurs of the future — we may be only a step in the development of some future beings, of great beauty and intelligence, who may someday regard us as we regard dinosaurs. But only if we leave something behind — we're using up the raw material of their future. We're smarter than dinosaurs — but perhaps only smart enough to do something really stupid.

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Anonymous said...

I had two kids, you had four. Clayton had one...Helen, three! Who was smarter. Well, when you need someone to fix the call Kelly and when I don't know what do I call Laura. We are both pretty smart is the way I look at it. We have someone to call. I think having children is the best thing you can do if you can raise them up to be good people. That is what you have left. If you raise thme up and don't turn out so good. There is still hope that they will raise up a good seed.

Just thinking...when folks like Paul don't have children his dna ends with them.