Tuesday, September 27, 2011

silkie chickens butchered

I decided to search for a butchered silkie chicken and this was the photo I found. Doesn't that look appetizing? I have read even their bones are black.

I fear that Sammy may have bought 19 roosters in his silkie flock. I have been looking at photos are reading about them since I knew nothing about silkies. My hope is that if he is luck he might have a couple of pullets in the flock. On the other hand from what I read you can't be sure of the sex of a silkie until they lay or crow. A good point none are crowing yet.

Oh well, he can haul them back and maybe get his price back. I might get my courage up and butcher one of the roosters . I have never seen a black skinned chicken butchered. If I do you will get to see one black skinned bird cooked.

The nurse is coming tomorrow.

Janet says she is sick. I wish she would feel better.

Sammy wanted some beans to cook. No one every thinks to by bean except mama. I dug around and found a hand full of pinto beans and more white beans. I told him when he went to town to he should buy some beans. Pizza is not the food to live on. They spend 10 dollars for a pizza and 10 dollars would buy enought beans to last all winter even at the enflated prices of this time.

The children in my house go buy some sandwitches they call hoages, the price was 6 dollars each I was shocked when they told me the price. The hoagie is nothing except a lot of bread with thin slices of lunch meat, a little lettuce maybe a small amount of sliced tomato and some dressing. Outrages!

Janet said she wanted Sam to drive her to work today. I don't under stand why but I suppose there is a reason. I told Sammy that would be a good time to buy beans.

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