Wednesday, September 21, 2011

up a tree

I had a fairly good rest last night. It isn't often I can report that happening.
I saw where Ralph Nador wanted to get someone to run in Obama place. Lots of luck with that.
A young man I worked with at Tyson has died, Larry was only 54 years old and his death left me wondering, Why?
A congressman is being credited for saving a man's life at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Tuesday. The congressman is a repub, that would almost make you vote repub but the fellow is safe the congressman is from another state.

A Google search for Santorum has generated some inappropriate results since gay columnist Dan Savage organized an online campaign to link graphic sexual terms to the socially conservative senator’s name.
So I did a google search for SANTORUM and the first thing on the google search was....the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by product of anal sex.

Santorum's “Google problem” might get worse. (Via The Atlantic)
It all started in 2003 when then-Senator Rick Santorum compared gay sex with bestiality and pedophilia, adding: “I have no problem with homosexuality. I have a problem with homosexual acts.”

The statements roused the ire of sex columnist, author and gay-rights darling Dan Savage, who proceeded to successfully Google-bomb Santorum's last name and create a new sex-related but far from sexy definition for the moniker.

There is a trend in this country at this time to make homosexuals part of the norm and people who have grown up in a different age and time had better learn if you want to get along with in the public eye you had better either keep your mouth shut about such thing or be willing to take the heat.

let me say I don't understand homosexuals being my self a heterosexual but I think that politicians in our country have had favorite subject matter that they felt by coming out against such things would be a plus in any political race. I think people like Rick santorum really don't harbor such strong opinions about homosexuals and that in some cases it has been proven in the past some are homosexuals them selves, but such people think these statements will play well to their political base.
It is like this, the abortion issue, the homosexual issue and all the pet subjects of people trying to get into or remain in power is just another way to whip the dog. I think that dog has been beaten enough perhaps we should move on to what really is important like war and poverty or love and hate.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, your fellow co worker died so young. I too this week noticed two young men in the obit column. One I taught he was only 34. The other I knew the family and he was only 40. These lives were short ones.

Looks like Obama heard all of our yelling and he is not going to compromise this time. Wonder if the other side will give a little. Ithink they will.