Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Barbara Wade

Betty this is Barbara Wade and Jonell was not at Kenny's birthday party. I lifted that photo off facebook.
Virginia sent me an email offering me all the photos that was left from the party picture pile but I told her I didn't want them. I just wanted the one of Daddy, Thelma and Truman for fleta and it already belonged to her. She had brought them for the Powell's at the party.
I hope Virginia got the one of Thelma, Truman and daddy.


Sister--Three said...

Jonell had written that she did not think she could go. Kenny pipe lines and they are in Ill. I think.

I am glad you got to go.

yes, that was the best photo there I guess.

Donna said...

Boy, will I have a story to tell when I get home. We are camping out south of Harrison and our air mattress sprung a leak, so two old coots slept on the cold, hard ground. I didn't know I could hurt in so many places!