Thursday, October 06, 2011

dog wood tree

I found this photo on one of our relatives facebook. It was Frankie's daughter. She is a lot like her father.

It is a cool 52 degrees this morning.

Sister Helen found a real nice scale on sale the other day. She said it was very pretty and had a digital read out , it only cost 6 dollar. She set it on the floor as soon as she got home. Only one problem she weighted 820 according to the reading on her beautiful new cheap scale.

Winnie Jo has been fishing she never mentions if she catches anything.

Speaking of fishing, I have never hear Fleta say if she has ever fished nor Helen or Betty. I used

to go fishing . I love the idea of getting free food.

I have a new book to read that isn't fiction, Malcolm X is the subject. Malcolm X has always intrigued me, he was a very smart fellow.

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Anonymous said...

I don't really like fishing. I have gone several times with Larry. I like to take and book and sit and read while he fishes. I love to go with him in the boat.