Sunday, October 23, 2011

my bunch

I have been thinking about funerals I have attended and remembering certain things.
I remember grandma Gaddy funeral. Mama was among her people which didn't happen often . Present were an uncle and some cousins and mama's two sisters who had no issue and said in the bible.
Mama was surrounded by her children, daddy wasn't there, he always was with mama when she went some place but after he got the cancer he sort of bailed out and left it to her children to see her through the day especially if it was something difficult.
Mama told her people our names and said all of my children are here except the one daughter.
Then I remember at daddy funeral , his brothers and sisters , first cousins and friend were there and over aways stood Uncle Truman and aunt Francis as I walked toward my uncle to greet him he said " all my bunch is here , Patsy".And it is true they were a bunch just like daddy's bunch.


Fleta said...

And this week, All Your Bunch will be there. Plus your brothers and sisters.

Sister--Three said...

I will be there, Patsy...

The 4th Sister said...

I will be there too