Friday, October 21, 2011

Springfield hospital

Janet is in the hospital at Springfield Mo. They are running test to determine what is her health problem and this is hard for me not being able to go up there and not knowing what the future holds.
This has got me to to thinking about our forefather Richard Powell, These ancestries of our was made of stern stuff and had a lot of nerve and back bone.
Uncle Worthy Powell had fell off a train at Carrollton and broke his hip and leg. Richard Powell my great grandfather made several trips to Springfield to get a surgeon for Worthy Powell over a period of several months. Worthy Powell was our grandfather, Melton Powell's brother.
Richard made this trip in a horse and buggy as I said several times bringing the doctor to Carrollton where the doctor operated on Worthy Powell on great grandma' kitchen table and then Richard would take the doctor back to Springfield.
The last trip our great grand father made he left the horses and buggy with the doctor as payment.
Our great grandma Betty was know to have a sharp tongue and one time Fleta and me talking and Fleta said how hard it must have been for Richard to make that trip over and over and I said probably not as hard as it would have been to stay home with Betty.


Anonymous said...

Hope Janet will be okay. So sorry for the stain.

Linda@VS said...

I'm sure Janet wishes you were with her, too. Hugs to both of you.